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We are a design, construction and service provision company in matters concerning projects of architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and engineers of other expertise.
Our purpose is to impart our knowledge and provide solutions in various matters related to several expertise.

Is it time to construct or renovate your house, office, store or business facility? The style of your house, office or store, gives prestige and a special identity to your space, making your friends or customers feel beautiful and comfortable.

 We process Designs and constructions of new houses and business facilities, renovations and decoration of home and business facilities. We process renovations of stores, offices and houses.

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Email:,  phone: +302130235013

Your guarantee is our forty year old experience, our brand name and the hundreds of projects we have completed.

Provided services:

Design – Engineering

ADVICE4U provides a special architectural identity and a totally functional design which designates every customer’s space.
The final result is an environment which represents the user’s needs and identity, and utilizes all its particularities and available square meters in a unique, timeless and vivid space.


The execution of our ideas and designs from plans to action is realized according to our perennial experience in organization and supervision of building sites during construction.
The design’s execution process is completed in predetermined steps, including precise cost modules and timetables, which are strictly followed.

Webmaster: Pantelis Papakonstantinou, Civil Engineer N.T.U.A. 1971

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ADVICE4U searches for partners all over Greece.
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