Private Data Protection Policy

This Policy has to do with the way we collect, keep and use personal data information. The Policy applies only for information which has been collected from websites than have links in this website and from no other source. BY USING THIS WEBSITE, YOU CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION AND USE OF INFORMATION AS MENTIONED IN THIS PERSONAL DATA MANAGEMENT POLICY. Our intention is to share every change that takes place in this website so that you are always aware of the type of information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we are obliged to share it. It is very easy to locate the Private Data Protection Policy since it’s being displayed on our home page and also available on every page of this website where personal data is collected. At those pages you can have further explanations, where needed, relevant to the purposes of this information use. This Policy, along with any other supplementary explanation, explains you the way we use the data you provide us voluntarily, while you use this website.

  • Guarantee of Private Use

The term “private data” as used in this text, refers to information such as name, date of birth, your postal or email address, which can be used to determine your identity. Advic4u will not process your private data without your consent. However, we preserve the right, in special cases, to process data in such degree as allowed or demanded by law. The next lessons explain how and when we collect private data from you.

  • Intended Use of Private Data

Most of our services do not demand any kind of registration from your part, allowing you to visit our web page without revealing your identity. However, in some cases, maybe you will have to resister in order to have access to some of our services. During your registration to us, maybe you will have to fill some “fields” (some are necessary and some are optional) as well as choose a username and password. In such cases, if you choose not to reveal some of the personal data we ask for, it is possible not to have access to specific pages of our website and have from us less than the desideratum correspondence to you.

  • Non-disclosure of information

Advice4u does not trade, share, forward or distribute, in any way your personal data to third parties outside the Advice4u Group, except for cases where this is clearly allowed as part of the Private Data Management Policy.

There are two cases where your private data will be possibly distributed to third parties. Firstly, in case of sale, grant or cession of the website and the customers’ data that are connected to this website, the buyer, the transferee or the person that has being granted the website will be obliged, in every case, to comply with this Private Data Management Policy. Secondly, in case that any personal data is shared with third parties because of law enforcement, court decision / order, government / administrative action or due to investigation conduction.

  • Right of Access

You have the right to be ensured that, in every case, your personal data are always updated. Furthermore, you have the legal right to ask for their correction or their deletion. Also, you can ask us to stop contacting and communicating with you at any time.

  • Security and Confidentiality

To ensure your personal data security and confidentiality, which are collected from Advice4u during the online connection with the website, Advice4u uses commercially statutory physical, technocratic and technical protection measures so that your personal data’s integrity and security are preserved. As far as management of your personal data is concerned, there have been taken measures which are logically designed to protect the data from loss, fault use, non-authorized access, revelation, distortion or destruction. Although we can’t guarantee any loss, fault use or distortion of data, we try to avoid unfortunate occasions.

  • Notes

Please contact Advice4u for any questions or reviews relevant with the current Privacy Protection Policy or generally for Advice4u websites via email at:

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