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ADVICE4U is a modern design and construction company.
It is a customer-oriented “workshop” which produces ideas and solutions that are generated with regard to each unique and special space.
The spaces we create are “vivid” and “cozy”.
We provide designs of high standards for people with perspective and demands.

At ADVICE4U we constantly search for new materials and we conduct market researches in order to complete your construction at competitive costs.

Our crews and partners are the competitive advantage of advice4u.
They combine perfect education, technology know-how and also have the ability to follow the high standards we set during construction; they achieve to create special spaces of high standards with perfect architectural finishes and in rigorous timetables.

Advice4u collaborates with the best scientists of different specialties in the construction field, creating a dynamic team.


Pantelis Papakonstantinou: Civil Engineer N.T.U.A. 1971, Advisor Engineer: CV

Despoina Papakonstantinou: Architecture Engineer N.T.U.A.

Fotis Maragkos: Construction manager

Theodore Papakonstantinou: I.T. Manager

Webmaster: Pantelis Papakonstantinou, Civil Engineer N.T.U.A. 1971