- Civil Engineer’s Certificate for Property Sales (law 4178/13)
Civil Engineer’s Certificate for Property Sales (law 4178/13)

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According to the Buildings Energy Efficiency Regulation, the issue of an energy performance certificate is required:

  • For property leases (new leasing)
  • For property sales
  • For the “Energy Efficiency At Household Buildings” Program

The energy performance certificate is valid for 10 years, regardless the number of leases or sales that may take place during that time period.

As certified energy inspectors by the SPECIAL AGENCY OF ENERGY INSPECTORS, we process directly and economically the issue of energy performance certificates, which include autopsy of the property and collection of all necessary data to issue the certificate.

Supporting documentation:

  • Number of the building permit
  • Topographic diagram
  • Architectural designs (house view)
  • Code number of the national land registry or entry number to the national land registry
  • Complete data of the owner plus tax information (Tax number, tax office)
  • Boiler maintenance certification

In case you do not have the designs of the building permit, our office will proceed to investigate, collect and approve the file of the building permit to the competent urban office for every future use.

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