- “Energy efficiency at Household Buildings” Program
Process of Projects included in the “Energy efficiency at Household Buildings” Program

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We carry out the process of all necessary tasks of the “ENERGY EFFICIENCY AT HOUSEHOLD BUILDINGS” PROGRAM and handle the collection of the total amount of money from the bank.

You just have to be accepted in the program and there is no need to do anything more!

Works which are funded:

  • Replacement of doors/windows (frames/glazings) and installation of shading systems.
  • Installation of heat insulation on a building shell including the terrace/roof and pilotis area.
  • Upgrading of the heating and hot water supply systems


It is a co-funded program that gives motives to civilians in order to improve the energy efficiency of their house, saving money and energy and increasing its value. Which residences can be funded?
Eligible residences are all detached houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments (with no extra conditions) that exclusively fulfill the following criteria:

They are located in areas with an average zone price lower than or equal to 2.100 €/sq.m.

They have been classified, according to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), as lower than or equal to class D.

Who can be accepted in the Program – With which motivations?

Beneficiaries’ category

Beneficiaries’ category




Personal Income

P.I. ≤12.000€

12.000€ <  P.I. ≤

40.000€ <  P.I. ≤

Family Income

F.I. ≤20.000€

20.000€ <  F.I. ≤

60.000€ <  F.I. ≤


70% Funding

30% Interest Free Loan
(100% interest rate funding until the 31.12.2015)

35% Funding

65% Interest Free Loan
(100% interest rate funding until the 31.12.2015)

15% Funding

85% Interest Free Loan
(100% interest rate funding until the 31.12.2015)

Loan agreements of 4/5/6 years of duration can be signed, with or without a guarantor, with no property mortgage, possibility of immediate loan paying off with no charges, as well as payment of suppliers/contractors through the bank without the civilian’s involvement. When accepted in the program you get 40% deposit of the total budget of the application.

To enter the program we carry out the conduction of energy inspections (before and after the interventions), the cost of which is 100% covered by the Program, after the successful actualization of the project.
Furthermore, the cost for a project consultant, up to 250 euros (no VAT included), is also covered by the Program.

We can also inform you about the supporting documentation for “Energy Efficiency At Household Buildings”, detached houses / individual apartments, apartment buildings.

Steps to join the Program

  • Loan preapproval (bank branch) – first energy inspection
  • Submission of the application and supporting documentation
  • Acceptance of the interested party’s application – loan agreement signing – deposit payout
  • Actualization of interventions – second energy inspection
  • Presentation of supporting documentation – payout of remaining loan and fund amount  

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