- Constructions for New and Existing Buildings
Constructions for New and Existing Buildings
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•   Do you want to construct your house or business facility?
•   We are at your disposal for its design – construction.
•   We have a team of experienced engineers to carry out the designing and supervision of your construction.
•   We have the best construction crews for building your establishment.

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Your guarantee is our forty year old experience, our decent brand name and the hundreds of projects we have completed.

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1. Design

1.1. Architectural Design

The preparation of the architectural design, which is conducted by the ADVICE4U experienced team, refers to the design of a new building, constructed from scratch or the renovation design of an existing building.

It includes a full package of architectural designs, which are required for the issue of a building permit and are drawn up according to the current regulation of building projects (General Building Regulation).:

  • Coverage diagram
  • Topographic diagram
  • Views
  • Cuts
  • Plots

The ADVICE4U architectural designs follow the principles of the Bioclimatic Design in order to succeed the best energy efficiency of a new or an existing building.

1.2. Interior design

Interior design includes the arrangement and renovation designs of an existing building in order to make good use of all its specificities and available square meters as well.

It includes:

  • Views
  • Cuts
  • Details designs
  • 3D designs

At ADVICE4U we redesign your space, giving it an architectural identity in an absolutely operational view which resembles the needs and the personality of the user.

1.3. Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture refers to the design and study of external spaces, private or public, which can be a part of a building structure or independent recreational and green areas.

ADVICE4U creates a complete architectural design including:

  • Views
  • Plots
  • Material suggestions
  • Design of special constructions (trellises, sitting areas etc)
  • Planting designs and selection of plant types
  • External lighting designs

1.4. Lighting design

At ADVICE4U the lighting design completes and finishes the architectural design, pointing out the structure, colors, textures and materials of your space.

The design includes:

  • Bottom views
  • Lighting diagrams
  • Suggestions for lighting products of internal or external areas
  • 3D designs

Well considered lighting design, of artificial or natural light, can point out the building’s architecture and create the ideal conditions for your internal or external area.

1.5. Structural design

The ADVICE4U team can carry out the structural design of any technical project, new or existing one.
The design includes calculating and planning works, creation of tables etc. which are required to construct the project’s structure.

Indicatively, it includes:

  • Calculations issues
  • Technical reports
  • Formworks designs
  • Details designs

1.6. Building permits – Operational authorizations

The ADVICE4U team carries out the conduction of all studies and designs which are required to submit a permit/authorization file and its quick completion through all competent authorities (Urban planning, Municipality, Health and Sanitary office, Fire department etc.) in order to issue the permit/authorization.

Extensively, our office proceeds:

  • Building permits for new buildings
  • Building permits for existing buildings (change of use authorizations, renovation permits, addition permits, demolition permits, scaffolding placement, legalization permits, extend of validity permits etc.)
  • Operational authorizations of health interest stores

2. Application

Construction – new building

High aesthetic, quality, security and competitive cost are the advantages of ADVICE4U that ensure your investment and the creation of a unique building, as dreamed.
Our construction team and crews guarantee the construction of a proper building, from its beginning to its end. For this, the ADVICE4U engineers inspect and supervise the project during its actualization, coordinating the crews and conducting quality controls through all construction stages.
At the same time, the drawing up of an exact financial budget, as well as time table, which come before the actualization of every project, ensure every construction, of small or big scale, in order to construct the building that will be your house or business establishment.

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Other services proceeded by civil engineers:
- Energy Certificates. - Settlement of illegal constructions. - Civil Engineer’s certificate for property sales.

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