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On Line Adwords  Management

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We charge at 35% of current market prices :

Campaign and ads creation with daily evaluation!

We carry out the development and management of all your web promotions using Google adwords

  • Daily evaluation and updates of your advertisements
  • Promotion of your business with the best and economic way
  • Advertisements’ expansion to other areas of your business

Regardless of your budget, you can display advertisements on the Google search engine. You pay only for those who click on your advertisements. When the web users perform a search on Google using one of the key words we have set in coordination with you, your ad displays on the top of the search results or by their side or at the bottom of the page.
There is neither minimum cost demand nor time commitment. You pay only for those who click or your advertisements. This means that every euro counts.

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Pantelis Papakonstantinou, Civil Engineer N.T.U.A. 1971

Other services proceeded by civil engineers:

  • Energy Certificates. - Settlement of illegal constructions. - Civil Engineer’s certificate for property sales.

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