- Settlement of  illegal Constructions
Settlement of  illegal Constructions

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Deposit of 500 euros as minimum fee.
For topographic designs of properties outside the town plan, according to the state coordinates system, minimum fee of 350 euros.

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(Settlement of illegal constructions according to the Law 4178/13)

Services Included:

• Visit the property
• Fine estimation
• Updates - advices
• Electronic applications
• Impressions
• Topographic designs
• Online submission

Responsibly - Fast – Economically

The process is the following:

  • The citizen visits an engineer who has access to the electronic system of the Hellenic Technical Chamber. The engineer performs an autopsy, collects all required data to complete the settlement application and estimates the 'provisional fine".
  • The engineer completes and submits the application electronically and the system issues a "unique number" for the illegal construction, a payment order of the appropriate “entry to the regulation fee”, as well as the amount of each payment depending on the number of selected monthly payments.
  • The fee is paid by the citizen either electronically via web banking or physically at the banking institution of his choice. The payment is automatically certified and activates the integration process. Follow the payments of each monthly payment for which the system is automatically updated.
  • All necessary designs and other required data are collected or drawn.
  • The engineer submits all required data and designs electronically. Once the system approves the application, a "SETTLEMENT OF ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTIONS CERTIFICATION" is issued. The layout of this certificate is standardized and contains all the data of the illegal construction we want to settle.

This certificate is necessary in case we want to sell that property.
 Supporting documentation

In order to process and complete the settlement of your property, you should give us:

  • A copy of your ID
  • A copy of E9
  • An electric bill
  • A copy of the building permit (if there one*)
  • Topographic diagram and coverage diagram (if there are any*)
  • Views, cuts (if there are any*)

*If there aren’t any, our office will proceed to the impression of your property, drawing up of designs and topographic diagram according to the state coordinates system (EGSA’ 87).

Total duration of the settlement

For all illegal constructions there will be no construction – maintenance fines or other penalties for 30 years, they will be connected to the social utility systems so that maintenance works can take place as long as they do not increase the size of the illegal building.

Our office will inform you directly and responsibly about the settlement of your illegal construction

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