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Special Operational Mark Registration for E.O.T.  Hotels ( Greek Tourism Organization )

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Do you want to issue the special operational mark registration for E.O.T.?

We are at your disposal for the study and completion of the process.

We have a team of qualified civil engineers who can carry out the entire process for your facility and issue the special operational mark registration for E.O.T. for all hotel accommodation categories, such as:

  1. Classic type hotels
  2. Motel type hotels
  3. Classic type hotels and furnished apartments type hotels
  4. Furnished apartments type hotels
  5.  Traditional accommodations
  6. Organized tourist camps with or without cabins (CAMPING).

WE ALSO PROCESS THEIR CLASSIFICATION INTO STARS OR KEYS, depending on their accommodation type.

ADVICE4U processes (after inspection of the accommodations by our Mechanics):

  • The architectural design.
  • The topographical study.
  • The issue of the building permit (if there isn’t one already).
  • The collection of all supporting documentation, in collaboration with the businessman, so as the file is complete and ready to be submitted.
  • The completion of the file approval at the competent E.O.T. office and the receipt and delivery of Operational Authorization (E.O.T. Registration Mark) to the touristic accommodation.

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Your guarantee is our forty year old experience, our brand name and the hundreds of projects we have completed.

Other services proceeded by civil engineers:
- Energy Certificates. - Settlement of illegal constructions.

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